Two for the Road

Directed by Stanley Donen, the film stars Hepburn and Albert Finney as Joanna and Mark Wallace, with William Daniels & Eleanor Bron as the obnoxious American couple.

The film was considered somewhat bold for its time because the story is not a straight line but instead a series of road trips that take the viewer back and forth in the relationship.

The stories unravel in bits and pieces that jump back and forth to follow Mark and Joanna and the ups and downs of their relationship.

The screenplay is by Frederic Raphael, who also wrote the kinky Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman film, Eyes Wide Shut.

Raphael received an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing, Hepburn received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, and Henry Mancini received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score.

Mancini said that although the scoring was the most difficult in his career, this theme song was his favorite of all the songs he wrote. That’s saying something because Mancini wrote the music and songs for hundreds of films, TV shows and movies and recorded over 90 albums.

But actually some of his first Hollywood work was writing music for monster movies - The Creature from the Black Lagoon, It Came from Outer Space and Tarantula.A partial list of his music includes Peter Gunn, the Pink Panther, Moon River, Days of Wine & Roses, Victor Victoria, Charade, The Great Race, the theme for Viewer Mail for David Letterman, the NBC Nightly News theme and many more.

He was nominated for 18 Academy Awards, won four, was nominated for an unprecedented 72 Grammys, won 20, and was nominated for two Emmys. Mancini is often named as one of the greatest composers in the history of film.

And FYI - Audrey and Katherine Hepburn are not related.

Even though she’s British, Eleanor Bron plays Mark’s ex-girlfriend, Cathy Manchester, the female half of the pretentious American couple with the bratty daughter. Bron’s other film appearances include the Beatles film Help!, Alfie, Black Beauty and Wimbledon.

Paul McCartney met her while filming Help! and has said that her name, Eleanor Bron, inspired him to compose the song Eleanor Rigby.

Playing Howard, the other half of the Manchester couple, is William Daniels, a familiar character actor who’s appeared as a guest star on dozens of TV shows. He is best known for his roles as Mr. Feeny in Boy Meets World, Dustin Hoffman’s father in The Graduate, Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere and as the voice of KITT, the talking car in TV's Knight Rider.

The wealthy client Maurice is played by Claude Dauphin, a French actor who appeared in more than 130 films. During WW II, he was a French liaison officer with General Patton’s press corps and was one of the first people to enter Paris on Liberation Day.

Nadia Gray plays Francoise, Maurice’s wife.She is most famous for her performance during the party sequence near the end of Fellini's La Dolce Vita. She’s the wealthy but bored socialite who celebrates her divorce by dancing a memorable mink-coated striptease.

Jacqueline Bisset, is the young music student, Jackie. She says that her last name is pronounced "Bissit" and rhymes with "Kiss it". Bisset landed her first roles primarily because of her beauty and her performance in this film is where she received her first critical attention.

The same year as Two for the Road, she appeared as Miss Goodthighs in the James Bond spoof, Casino Royale. She was also Steve McQueen’s girlfriend in Bullit, appeared in the original Airport disaster film and has 90 U.S. and foreign films and TV shows to her credit.

But she’s probably best known for the 1977 film, The Deep, where her underwater swimming scenes captured the world’s attention and inspired the wet T-shirt contest craze. Bisset hated those scenes - she wasn’t told that they would be shot so provocatively and she felt tricked and exploited. But the film's producer, Peter Guber, said, "That T-shirt made me a rich man.”

And right after The Deep came out, a small Dutch company released a film Bisset had made years earlier titled Secrets. It featured extensive nude scenes of her, the only ones in her career, and the producers were trying to cash in on her fame.

During location shooting for tonight’s movie, the noise from the generators made some of her lines hard to hear. She was on another shoot and unavailable so another actress re-dubbed her lines. See if you can spot those scenes when her voice sounds a little different.